Fikret Aydin

Post Doctoral Scholar
Department of Chemistry
University of Chicago

Fikret Aydin received his B.Sc. in Chemical and Biological Engineering in 2011 from Koc University, Turkey. Then, he joined Dr. Meenakshi Dutt’s research group at Rutgers University and earned his Ph.D. in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering in 2015. His graduated work focused on investigating the mesoscopic properties of soft biomaterials such as cell membranes, liposomes or polymers by developing their coarse-grained models. Fikret joined the Voth group as a postdoctoral researcher in October 2015.

Research Interests:

I am interested in designing bio-inspired materials by understanding the underlying mechanism of fundamental biological processes. This will require me to resolve spatiotemporal dynamics of macromolecules involved in these processes at atomistic and mesoscopic scales. In the Voth group, I will study the mechanism of actin filament elongation by using multiscale modeling tools.


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