Jacob Wagner

Graduate Student
Department of Chemistry
University of Chicago

Jacob Wagner received dual degrees in Chemistry, Physics, and Polymer Science & Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 2012. As an undergraduate, Jacob studied rheological and thermodynamic properties of various systems using Dissipative Particle Dynamcis (DPD). Through an internship with the Goodyear Tire & Rubber company, Jacob developed predictive models for the cure state of rubber using only quantum observables. He enrolled in the doctoral program at the University of Chicago in the Fall of 2012 and is currently working in the Voth group on coarse-grained method development.

Research Interests:

I am interested in the development of coarse-grained model that can facilitate the study and design of materials properties. In particular, the translation of properties between levels coarse-grained models is a key interest. Translating observables to higher coarse-grained levels currently poses problems that manifest themselves as both state-point representability  and transferability issues. In the reverse process, we currently have no way to easily recover the possible states that are consistent with a given coarse-grained configuration or model.