Jaehyeok Jin

Post Doctoral Scholar
Department of Chemistry
University of Chicago

Jaehyeok received a B.S. in Chemistry and Mathematical Sciences from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in 2014. While at KAIST, he investigated the spin-orbit effect of rare gas dimers and quantum chemical properties of bis(bora)calix[4]arene in Prof. Yoon Sup Lee’s group. Also he worked with Prof. William A. Goddard III (Caltech) studying the behavior of supercooled water by using MD simulation. 

He started the Ph.D. program in Chemistry at the University of Chicago, and joined the Voth group in 2015. For his current research, he investigates development and application of new Coarse-Grained models for liquids and materials.

Current projects

I will develop a new class of CG simulation which is based on CG particles which also contain internal states to expand their ability to describe the physical features of a given target system. Development of CG methods encompasses the recently developed Ultra-Coarse-Graining methodology or an improvement of the pre-existing CG methods by including many-body correlations using a systematic approach. Using such systematic approaches, I seek to resolve two most challenging problems in coarse-graining: representability and transferability. 

Publications (* indicates co-first authors and † indicates corresponding author)

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