Jesper Madsen

Post Doctoral Fellow
Department of Chemistry
University of Chicago

Jesper Madsen received his engineering degrees in biotechnology (B.Sc.E.) and technical physics (M.Sc.E.) from the Technical University of Denmark. He earned his Ph.D. in collaboration with Global Research of Novo Nordisk, studying the two central factor Xase complexes of the blood coagulation cascade. Jesper joined the Voth Group as a postdoc scholar in 2015 and will be looking at membrane remodeling by the Influenza A M2 protein.

Research Interests

·         Interfacial phenomena in general with a special interest for biological plasma membranes.

·         Active and passive transport processes.

·         Biomolecular structure, dynamics, and allostery.

·          Enzyme mechanisms. 

·          Bridging theory and experiment in the interdisciplinary sciences.