Thomas Dannenhoffer-Lafage

Graduate Student
Department of Chemistry
University of Chicago

Thomas Dannenhoffer-Lafage attended University of Oregon where he recieved degrees in chemistry and physics. While at the University of Oregon, he performed research in Prof. Shannon Boettcher's and Prof. Marina Guenza's groups. In Prof. Boettcher's group, Thomas researched catalysts to improve water splitting rates in solar materials. In Prof. Guenza's group, Thomas did computational studies on non-gaussian dynamics of polyethylene melts. He enrolled at the University of Chicago in Fall of 2013 and is a member of the Voth group where he studies incorporating experimental data into computational models.

Research Interests: 

I am interested methods for designing materials with desired properties and the "reverse-mapping" problem in coarse graining. Developing materials can be an expensive process because of the multitude of simulations required to test each possible candidate for material study. Using new methods in the Voth group, I hope to use established models and use minimal biasing methods to determine the best candidates for material applications. There is also the problem of finding which all-atom configuration are consistent with a coarse-grained state, or the "reverse-mapping" problem. I hope to study this by mapping interactions at the coarse-grained level back to the all-atom resolution.