Dudu Tong

Post Doctoral Scholar
Department of Chemistry
University of Chicago

Dudu Tong received his B.S. in Biological Science from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 2011. During the Ph.D. period in Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), he has worked with Prof. Lu Lanyuan on the development of protein coarse-grained models using fluctuation matching as well as multi-scale coarse-graining. He also worked on the computational modeling of solution X-ray scattering intensity of biomacromolecules using both AA and CG approaches. He received his Ph.D in Oct 2016 and joined the Voth group in Feb 2017.

 Current research directions:

  1. Studying the microtubule systems using the Ultra Coarse-Grained (UCG) models.
  2. Probing the dynamics of signaling protein complexes and their interactions with membranes.