Jeri Beiter

Graduate Student
Department of Chemistry
The University of Chicago

Jeri Beiter received her B.S. in chemistry from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2018, with minors in math and chemical engineering. While at RIT, she worked on a number of projects, including using electronic structure theory to study the properties of aluminum nanoclusters and modeling the heat transfer of solar thermal systems. During the summer of 2018, Jeri was a NSF-REU awardee at the University of Chicago where she worked with the Vaikuntanathan group studying how energy input biasing influences single particles via molecular dynamics simulations. In the spring of 2019, Jeri worked with Dr. Hakim Iddir of Argonne National Laboratory to analyze the effects of dopants in cathodes for lithium ion batteries using ab initio molecular dynamics. She has been a member of the Voth group since the fall of 2019 and is interested in studying the biophysics of membranes and membrane proteins using molecular dynamics and coarse-grained simulations.