Zhi Yue (Shane)

Research Professional
Department of Chemistry
The University of Chicago

Shane received a B.Eng. in Polymer Materials and Engineering from Wuhan University of Technology (WHUT) and B.S. in Biology from Wuhan University in 2007. At WHUT, he worked with Prof. Hong Chen on the hemocompatible biomacromolecules and received a M.Eng. in Materials Science in 2009. He then lectured in Hubei University of Education till 2011 and came to the States for doctoral study. During this period, he has worked with Dr. Jana Shen on proton-coupled mechanism for various bio-systems using constant-pH molecular dynamics. He received Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in 2017 and joined the Voth group in Apr 2018.

Research Interest:

Proton transfer and proton-coupled dynamics in chemical and biological systems.