Multiscale Coarse Graining of Liquid-state Systems

TitleMultiscale Coarse Graining of Liquid-state Systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsIzvekov, S, Voth, GA
JournalJ Chem Phys
KeywordsChemical *Models, Computer Simulation Methanol/*chemistry Models, Molecular Molecular Conformation Water/*chemistry

A methodology is described to systematically derive coarse-grained (CG) force fields for molecular liquids from the underlying atomistic-scale forces. The coarse graining of an interparticle force field is accomplished by the application of a force-matching method to the trajectories and forces obtained from the atomistic trajectory and force data for the CG sites of the targeted system. The CG sites can be associated with the centers of mass of atomic groups because of the simplicity in the evaluation of forces acting on these sites from the atomistic data. The resulting system is called a multiscale coarse-grained (MS-CG) representation. The MS-CG method for liquids is applied here to water and methanol. For both liquids one-site and two-site CG representations without an explicit treatment of the long-ranged electrostatics have been derived. In addition, for water a two-site model having the explicit long-ranged electrostatics has been developed. To improve the thermodynamic properties (e.g., pressure and density) for the MS-CG models, the constraint for the instantaneous virial was included into the force-match procedure. The performance of the resulting models was evaluated against the underlying atomistic simulations and experiment. In contrast with existing approaches for coarse graining of liquid systems, the MS-CG approach is general, relies only on the interatomic interactions in the reference atomistic system.